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Image of Hotpoint 10212860

Hotpoint 10212860
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Go greenerActiveCare technology is much kinder to the planet, removing more than 100 stains at 20°C. It tackles stubborn stains while staying kind to your clothes.ActiveCareThe Hotpoint ActiveCare NLLCD 1064 DGD AW UK N WiFi-enabled 10 kg 1600 Spin Washing...

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Image of Hotpoint 1043C

Hotpoint 1043C
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Stain removalThe Hotpoint Core NSWM 1043C W UK N 10 kg 1400 Spin Washing Machine has a helpful stain removal program to keep your clothes looking great. It adjusts the water amount, temperature, detergent and drum movements to get rid of everyday stains.Clothes...

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Image of Hotpoint 742U

Hotpoint 742U
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Anti-stainWe all know that nothing ruins a classy outfit more than a stain. Try the Hotpoint NSWR 742U WK UK N 7 kg 1400 Washing Machine's Anti-Stain program, which gets rid of those stubborn stains at just 40°C.Saving you timeThe NSWR 742U WK UK saves...

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