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Image of Miele WKR571WPS

Miele WKR571WPS
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This incredible washing machine from Miele comes packed with all the functions necessary to achieve beautifully fresh laundry without the hassle. It uses the upgraded PowerWash 2.0 technology which innovatively spins and sprays your clothes to achieve...

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Image of Miele 10839690

Miele 10839690
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Top features: - Versatile washing machine cleans all your household laundry - Programme Manager lets you select different washes - CapDos capsules for specific cleaning - High energy rating saves money on your bills Versatile washing machineCapable of...

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Image of Miele 10839710

Miele 10839710
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Top features:- 9 kg capacity to wash more of your clothes at once - Honeycomb drum protects your laundry while washing - CapDosing automatically dispenses capsules at the ideal time 9 kg capacityThe Miele W1 WWG120 XL 9 kg 1600 Spin Washing Machine has...

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