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Image of Miele WKB120

Miele WKB120 Save £100.00
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This washing machine will leave you with fresh, clean clothes and perfect results every time. Using Miele's CapDos capsule system , the machine takes care of your delicate and specialist clothing by automatically dispensing CapDos capsules which contain...

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Image of Miele WKG120

Miele WKG120
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You can rely on this superb new Miele WKG 120 washing machine to give you beautifully fresh laundry every time. With its innovative TwinDos technology , it dispenses your choice of Miele or other brand liquid detergent and fabric softener automatically...

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Image of Miele WKR571WPS

Miele WKR571WPS
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This incredible washing machine from Miele comes packed with all the functions necessary to achieve beautifully fresh laundry without the hassle. It uses the upgraded PowerWash 2.0 technology which innovatively spins and sprays your clothes to achieve...

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Image of Miele WKR771

Miele WKR771
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This top-of-the-range, extra-large capacity Miele washing machine brings together a host of advanced new features to give you cleaner, fresher clothes than ever before. Using upgraded PowerWash 2.0 technology , this powerful machine intensively spins...

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Image of Miele TwinDos WMG120 A+++ 8kg    in

Miele TwinDos WMG120 A+++ 8kg in
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Top features: - Add Laundry feature lets you throw in forgotten items - CapDos capsules for automatic detergent dispensing - Stain removal cares for your clothes - Economical and practical A+++ energy rating Add Laundry Add forgotten items to your wash...

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